Frequently Asked Questions

HYDRASILK® Bond Builder

4.0 pH

No. Bond Builder is Step 1 of the 2-step system and Bond Silkner must always follow.

This is not recommended.

In an enclosed container, best used within three months of mixing.

HYDRASILK® Bond Silkner

4.6 pH

No. It must be rinsed out to prevent overuse. Hydrasilk Hydrating Bond System is a two-step reconstructive treatment and should not be used as a surface conditioner for every shampoo.


No. We refer to it as a purifying shampoo. Our concentrated, pH balance formula is designed to thoroughly cleanse hair and while maintaining scalp health.


It is a back bar conditioner that is used in between the reconstructive treatments.


Our HYDRASILK® Hydrating Bond System is recommended as a monthly reconstructive treatment to maintain hair wellness. For damaged and highly stressed hair, apply once and re-evaluate and reapply weekly to create a hair wellness plan. Evaluate after each application.

*Although monthly treatments are recommended for natural, low stressed exposure to achieve Hair Wellness, if the conditions and resulting stressor are evident, prebook for two additional treatments within the next six weeks and reevaluate condition after each application.

No. We don’t recommend using HYDRASILK® Hydrating Bond Builder with products that already contain bond builders. The technologies may NOT be compatible and could result in damage. However, you can use HYDRASILK® Bond Silkner after thoroughly rinsing products that contain bond builder.

Maximum time is used for HYDRASILK® Bond Builder is up to 20 mins according to customization and 30 minutes for HYDRASILK® Bond Silkner according to customized needs of the hair. This is based upon the condition of the hair and exposure to stressors.
HYDRASILK® Hydrating Bond System helps to reinforce and realign the disulfide bonds within the fiber formation. This realignment improves elasticity and helps return the fiber configuration to its natural pattern.
We do not recommend using HYDRASILK® Bond Builder and HYDRASILK® Bond Silkner being mixed together. They are designed to be used separately in a two-step process for ultimate results, especially for maximum hydration.
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