@jazzeradiochica Yaaaaas!!!! Whip your hair Queen!!! There is nothing like a Hydrasilk Press!  We love it and happy your are enjoying it.  Thank you for your support and joining us at the NU Standard Salon Takeover @mekethesalon . ❤️❤️❤️

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It’s something about a Silk Press that’ll have you about to break your neck trying to swing your hair. Do you act like this when you get a Silk Press?! 🤣

Shot of to @allinbeehair for hooking my hair up yesterday with the @nustandardbeauty Hydrasilk! Baby it has done wonders on this hair. 🙌🏾
@kitathehairmd  shows the hydration Hydrasilk gives every time in 2 steps with 2 products.  The power of the pro! 

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Reds Turns HEADS♥️💋🍒🎨
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@nustandardbeauty @hydrasilkpro
Thank you @readthetease and @volumeupbythetease for the love!!!! Check out the NU Standard respecting the license.  Let’s GO!!! 

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How many third generation product development experts are there? With about 60 years of family history @autumn_cby decided to disrupt the textured category. She created @nustandardbeauty for products created with every texture in mind so stylists never have the reach for another product. Head to the 🔗 in bio to catch up with the team that is hoping to bring a NU Standard to the industry. 

ALSO on this weeks episode

‼️ Thanking @kimblehaircare for @zendaya new bangs at the @schiaparelli Spring 2024 show 
📳 @malibucpro introduces Malibu Metaversity 
💍 Should the #mobwifeaesthetic just be called maximalism?
“Okay I will let you touch my hair…THIS time.” 

@maneluxe.co thank you for showing the power of Hydrasilk!!! 

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I love turning my ladies copper 🤩

@hydrasilkpro left her hair healthy and shiny ✨ 

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